My name is Phil Jones. I’m a developer who likes front end technologies primarily but likes to play with bits of tech at all levels of the stack.

Currently I work at VQ Communications Ltd doing well, erm, a bit of everything. I do the web interface, lead the automated Protractor testing, lead the automated Jenkins build effort and chip in everywhere where I’m needed. From Docker to Angular, it’s a varied and great environment to work in!

I currently live in the city of Bristol in the UK.

Outside of writing code I’m a complete petrol head. I ride motorbikes and like fast cars.

My current motorbike is a 2013 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 which I found to be the best of not killing your back but having enough power to match almost all cars.

My current car is a 2016 BMW M140i in orange. I’ve always loved M Performance cars and this is the first toe in the water of performance cars being an “m lite” BMW. The V6 is frankly lovely and it gives my bike a real run for it’s money at around 3.7 seconds 0-60mph!

Bike and car