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Angular (2+) Pre Bootstrap loading

In an ideal world with AoT (ahead of time) compilation and lazy loading I shouldn’t need a loading indicator, however Angular still doesn’t seem to be at this point.

One things I’ve never solved with Angular 2+ till now has been the ugly “loading…” message that all the demos and starters use.

After some Googling I came up with 2 options:

Option 1 [1]

Let’s put content to be styled inside the <my-app></my-app> element.

The issue with this is you can’t do any “effects” to fade gracefully when your app is done loading.

Option 2 [2]

Separate element and CSS.

Place the loading element next to your <my-app></my-app> element.

Not too much of a fan of this but I want a clean transition from the loading indicator to the app.